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Connie Steele
President and Co-Founder

My passion is building and growing brands, products, and experiences.

With 20 years of experience working in start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, B2C and B2B businesses, I understand how to propel organizations forward by not only developing their business and marketing strategies, but also ensuring the successful execution of those efforts.  

My cross-industry, cross-functional experience gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to realize change in organizations. Having worked as a corporate executive and outside consultant, strategist, and project implementation lead, I’ve seen the challenges from all sides that have inhibited companies from achieving their goals. 

I fundamentally believe that no one solution fits all. It a process of continuously learning, iterating, and adapting those solutions based on data-driven insights. It also involves combining that knowledge with what works best in an organization’s culture. 

With a history of creating high-performing marketing teams from the ground up, I have been able to drive brand consideration, online traffic and engagement, and sales. From leading corporate rebranding efforts and launching compelling online products to creating integrated national campaigns, I have proven success in developing programs and experiences that realize a company’s business goals.

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Josh Steele
CEO and Co-Founder

My passion is building and growing businesses to achieve their true potential.

As a business and financial strategist, I have helped Startups to Fortune 50 companies optimize and scale their business by establishing strategies and operations to reach their goals.

I believe that the most successful leaders are people-centric and solutions focused. Making the difficult decisions and building strong organizations requires a healthy mix of head and gut. It also requires a willingness and ability to operate outside your comfort zone. This outlook underpins my approach to creating strategic momentum in the most challenging business environments.

My breadth of experience both domestic and international, strategic and operational, has enabled me to quickly identify and solve for what can truly move the needle. Having served as CEO, CFO, COO, Board member and strategic advisor, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the skills, process and culture that’s needed to prime organizations for growth. 

Inspired by new ideas, approaches and challenges, I have successfully cultivated and led high-performing teams and organizations. From spearheading key growth initiatives to building robust planning and analytical infrastructures, I’ve guided and managed companies to achieve sustained profitability and business expansion.


Alexis Anthony
Marketing Manager

My passion is combining art and strategy to drive business success.

I’m a data-driven creative, copywriter and digital strategist with an aptitude for creating purpose in content and in marketing.

I am against implementing tactics just “because.” I have a firm belief that every marketing activity must be rooted in insight-driven (quant or qual) strategy that has a measurable impact on the business objective at hand. Having been on both the agency and the in-house side, I’ve worked on a range of projects for companies including FedEx, the Red Cross, and the World Bank, and industries including software, consumer tech, fine jewelry, toys, wine & spirits, and social capital. And in each industry, the same thing is true: marketing success depends on a deep understanding of the customer and a dedication to delivering value that aligns with the brand promise.

Now serving as the marketing manager for Flywheel Associates and the Strategic Momentum Podcast, I’m determined to forge creative solutions for connecting inquisitive, ambitious professionals with the actionable advice they need to drive their businesses and careers forward.



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