Ep. 36 - Personal and Professional Authenticity: The Fuel Powering a Different Kind of Content Development Business - with Stephane Fitch

Stephane Fitch, founder of FitchInk, shares how his journey to pursue a more authentic life led to him developing his own content development company and ultimately reaching his own  personal and professional potential.

Ep. 35 - The Data-Gut Conflict: Bridging the Gap Between Gut-Driven & Data-Driven Decision Makers - with Steve Brown, Dr. Mary Lamia, Kyle Loudermilk, & Jen McDonald

A group of experts explores how to deal with different decision-making styles in order to alleviate potential conflicts and, ultimately, work better together with your bosses, your clients, and your colleagues.

Ep. 34 - Data-Driven vs. Gut-Driven Decision-Making: What’s Most Effective? - with Steve Brown, Dana Cavalea, Dr. Mary Lamia, Kyle Loudermilk, & Jen McDonald

Is one style of decision making – data-driven or gut-driven – more effective than the other? We talk to five experts in their field to find out.

Ep. 33 - What it Takes to Build Sales Momentum: Resilience, Survivalism, and Continually Refining Your Craft - with Tom Schuh

Tom Schuh, founder of Optimum Effect Group, spent over a decade in the military before working his way up the corporate ladder at American express and other financial institutions before transitioning to being an entrepreneur.

Tom’s journey in the military not only mirrored his career arc in the corporate world and then into entrepreneurship, but that experience on the battlefield provided guidance and focus throughout his corporate and entrepreneurial journey.

Now a 20-year sales veteran, he shares his perspective on the challenges that he commonly sees in the sales profession and what it takes to build that strategic momentum.

Ep. 32 - Finding Your Path: How a Habit of Experimentation Can Accelerate Your Career - with Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla, founder and CEO of the SEO agency Pearl Lemon, didn’t take a linear career path. In fact, it took 23 jobs and all the experiences and learnings that came with it to figure out what he wanted to do. In this episode, Deepak shares his perspective on how to overcome the fear of the course, act on your impulses, create accountability, and test and learn your way to career success.

Ep. 31 - A Culture of Experimentation: Fuel for a Mission-Driven Business - with Joseph Ney

Joseph Ney and his partners have built Reingold into a leading marketing and communications firm servicing the private sector. It took continuous experimentation, evolution, and an opportunity mindset to get to where they are today. And of course, they are they are still tweaking. But through it all, they were always mission-focused – not only for their clients but for themselves.

Ep. 30 - Taking Responsibility for Other People’s Ambitions & Successes: A Unique & Valuable Approach to Event Marketing - with John Newtson

John Newtson, Co-Founder of the Financial Marketing Summit has built a B2B business development ecosystem that takes a fundamentally different approach to event marketing. For him, it always been around focusing on others’ needs, helping to shake people out of their me-centered mindset and breaking through the business inertia by doing more together.

Ep. 29 - Media Relations + PR: Generating Buzz, Defining Your Story & Building Grassroots Momentum - with Keith & Chris Blackman

Breaking through the noise in today’s multi-channel, 24/7 news cycle is a challenge. Media Relations experts Keith Blackman and Chris Blackman help you understand what it really takes to create buzz for your company from strategy to execution.

Ep. 28 - The Science of Altruism: How Being Mission-Driven Fuels Personal Fulfillment and Business Success - with Dr. Richard Shuster

What’s the  science of altruism and why is mission and purpose  more than just trendy? To learn more, I talked with Dr. Richard Shuster, a former IT executive turned licensed clinical psychologist and the host of the popular, internationally downloaded podcast, The Daily Helping.

Ep. 27 - Developing an Effective Strategy: Choices, Communication, & Iteration - with Kevin Garton

What does it take to develop a sound business strategy? Kevin Garton, Chief Operating Officer of Context Capital Partners walks us through what it takes and just as important, the misconceptions many people have around what a strategy actually is.

The idea of creating a strategy may sound simple, even obvious, but as you’ll learn in this episode, the choices you have to make almost never are.

Ep. 25 - Investing in the Value Exchange in Business Development - with John Keeling

In business development, it’s all about the “value exchange” – so to help break through the inertia that may exist in organizations, you have to understand that BD involves so much more than sales. John Keeling, SVP of Business Development at The Motley Fool, joins us for this episode.

Ep. 24 - Optimize Your Performance Like the New York Yankees - with Dana Cavalea

Dana Cavalea spent 12 years with the New York Yankees Organization, including many years as the Director of Strength and Conditioning and Performance Enhancement. Today, Dana brings those same performance optimization techniques to business leaders, and we discuss the parallels between optimizing for sports and business.

Ep. 23 - Finding the Right Strategic Fit For Any Role (For Your Company or Yourself) - with Dan Yu

Dan Yu is the Founder of FastBook Advisors, a new kind of talent agency that focuses on strategic consultation in sales and marketing, organizational structure and design, talent acquisition, and human capital management. We discuss the biggest challenges faced by both hiring managers and job hunters in identifying the best talent and roles, and how both can more effectively navigate their way through this process with a strategy.

Ep. 22 - Staying True to Your Brand While Testing & Learning to Deliver Unpredictable Fun - with Aline Cox

WGN Morning News is the #1 morning news show in Chicago. As a station that has been around for 70 years, they have a unique brand that people trust – a brand that today’s guest, Executive Producer Aline Cox, strives to maintain. She shares how they continue to evolve, every day, testing and learning to determine what makes good TV while staying true to their brand.

Ep. 21 - Rethinking Research: Taking an iterative approach to get the perspective of ever-evolving consumers - with Stephanie Balderrama

Stephanie Balderrama, President of Consumer Insights Group shares her perspective on why it’s now more important than ever to be plugged into your consumers’ needs and behaviors. Because of their ever evolving behavior, companies need to reconsider how they approach the way they gather learnings about them particularly in today’s agile environments.

Ep. 19 - Prioritizing People Development to Propel You and Your Business Forward - with Beth Freedman

Beth Freedman is the Managing Director of gyro:UK, a leading global B2B creative agency, and has spent her career working for some of the biggest agencies in the world, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Fallon.

Beth believes real business momentum happens when service-based businesses invest in the growth and development of their people. It’s the human part of the business that agencies often forget. She attributes her own upward mobility to those who nurtured her talents throughout her career. And  as a result, it is an imperative that she is championing in her leadership role today.

Ep. 18 - How to Stand Up, Take Action and Be an Everyday Hero

In this interview, Dr. Philip G. Zimbardorenowned social psychologist, gives us a look into the foundation and purpose of his latest initiative, The Heroic Imagination Project. The project explores everyday heroism and how to train “ordinary” people to be heroes, with the rallying cry: “Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Action Against Injustice.”