Ep 1: Revampology - Identifying and Aligning Personal and Professional Fit

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Welcome to the first episode of the Strategic Momentum podcast!

Every month, we’ll be sharing the perspectives, recommendations, and approaches that progressive executives have used to break through their business inertia and move their businesses forward. These interviews will be with leaders across a variety of roles and industries because valuable insights should – and do – come from everywhere.

Challenges in a business vary but it always falls within one of three buckets: people, process or technology.

With the people part of this three-legged stool, personal and professional fit are critical, but there’s often a gap. Kareen Walsh from Revampologist shares her perspective on how companies need to ‘Mind the Gap’ in order to get that necessary alignment to drive company success.

Mind the Gaps

As a Revampologist, Kareen assesses the team, leadership, and strategy in an organization, then looks at how the technology and processes align with their business goals and objectives.

The biggest challenge is that there are often gaps between the people, the processes, and the technology. She looks at the organization holistically and works with everyone so that these areas can all be aligned. On the people front in particular, assessing personal and professional fit is of critical importance.


The Takeaways

  • Each environment has its own unique culture, communication style, and energy… and, if some of your people are the wrong fit, you can’t leverage the whole.

  • The two biggest blockers in achievement within a firm are fear and misunderstanding – it’s these soft skills that affect people and can prevent them from doing their best but don’t come up in tech or processes.

  • People can be stunted by a communication style of someone else they’re working with or stunted by a misunderstanding like their alignment to a strategy or even their own skill set

  • Get to the truth of what this team and what individuals are able to do to then help them grow into what the management or the company needs them to do. Sometimes, it might be a decision to manage them out.

  • Finding gaps and aligning people is a very dynamic and data-driven process, but companies need to be aware of them so they can establish the right solution to deliver their business agenda and goals.  




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