Ep. 56 - Building Wellness into the Fabric of Your Corporate Culture to Drive Workforce Momentum - with Michael Heinrich

Michael Heinrich, CEO of Oh My Green, a concierge-style provider of healthy food and wellness services, shares what wellness really entails, what it takes to truly deliver on workplace wellness, and how to address the challenges that keep companies and the people who work for them from living blissfully.

Ep. 55 - Building a Conscious Company: Delivering Sustainable Benefits for People, the Planet, and Your Business - with Meghan French Dunbar

Meghan French Dunbar, Co-founder and CEO of Conscious Company Media, shares the career journey that brought her to the Conscious Business world, as well as her perspective on what the Conscious Business movement is, what it takes to deliver sustainable benefits for people and the planet, as well as yourself - not just your business- all to help everyone move forward.

Ep. 54 - The Power of Virtual Reality: Learning by Doing to Drive Business and Social Impact - with Yao Huang

Yao Huang, Founder and Managing Partner of The Hatchery, believes in leveraging technological disruption and innovation to scale social impact. One of those areas is Virtual Reality (VR). In this episode, Yao shares how VR is redefining the way we learn for the better and the value of harnessing this form of learning by doing to propel businesses forward.

Ep. 53 - Bridging the Gap between Generations to Drive Retention and Workforce Momentum - with Cara Silletto

Cara Silletto, Chief Retention Officer at Crescendo Strategies, Today, Cara shares insights into the mindset differences of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers and how to apply these important perspectives to effectively manage and retain your workforce -- because a sustainable and productive one can only be achieved when everyone has a common understanding of one another.

Ep. 52 - Driving Impact through HR: Aligning the People Strategy with the Business Strategy - with Bhavna Dave

Bhavna Dave, Chief People Officer at Frontpoint Security, discusses the evolution of Human Resources - and the importance of strategically connecting business dynamics and people dynamics to drive impact in your business.

Ep. 51 Driving Innovation and Leading Change - Perspectives from an Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur - with Jim Brady

Jim Brady, former executive editor of WashingtonPost.com and CEO of Spirited Media, shares the lessons he’s learned on what it took to create momentum for change and innovation in his various roles. For him, transformation doesn’t start with technology or systems and processes, it starts with building that winning team. 

Ep. 50 - Work Advice from Industry Experts: Tips and Insights to Build Career Momentum and Reach Your Full Growth Potential

The focus of the Strategic Momentum Podcast has always been helping listeners understand the strategies, approaches and perspectives needed to solve the common challenges plaguing businesses today. So for our 50th episode, we’ve decided to round up the best career advice our guests have given on this show so far.

Ep. 49 - Building Relationships Through Direct Response: The Strategy to Drive Customer Demand and Engagement - with Anita John

How do you win customers and keep them coming back?

Driving growth, for any business, requires a solid customer acquisition focus and retention plan. However, many struggle to determine the right retention and acquisition strategies to employ and the most effective way to execute them.

So, what’s the best way to deal with the ever-changing buyer’s journey, limited marketing budgets, and the need to keep up with both the latest technologies and your competitors?

Ep. 48 - Building a Successful Podcast: Prioritizing Authenticity, Consistency & Relationships to Drive Engagement and Value - with Crate Media

The three founding members of Crate Media return to provide their take on the podcasting space -- from what it takes to create a successful podcast to the common challenges and misconceptions that cause many to get stuck.

Ep. 47 - The Business Architecture Approach: Realizing an Organizational Transformation from Strategy through Execution - with Pierre Hadaya

Pierre Hadaya, professor, consultant, and author of Business Architecture - The Missing Link in Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Execution, discusses how to realize that organizational transformation through a Business Architecture approach -- the building of a blueprint, a master schedule, and an architecture team to effectively guide you from strategy to execution.

Ep 46 - Navigating and Managing Your Business Ecosystem Pt. 2: Facilitating The Common Workplace Challenges To Drive Business Forward - with Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson, founder and managing director of Leadership Strategies – The #1 Facilitation Training Company, returns to explore specific use cases of his facilitation techniques, especially in the virtual, multi-generational work environment. He talks about how to facilitate collaboration when varying workplace considerations come into play – and why understanding group dynamics, using differences as strengths, and valuing others’ perspectives moves initiatives forward.

Ep 45: Navigating and Managing Your Business Ecosystem: Mastering Facilitation to Realize Effective Outcomes - with Michael Wilkinson

In today’s interconnected business ecosystem, collaboration and teamwork are critical to moving initiatives and activities forward. But so many people are frustrated by the number of meetings they have that don’t produce results. Michael Wilkinson is the founder and managing director of Leadership Strategies -- The #1 Facilitation Training Company in the US, and the accomplished author of several books on facilitation. In this episode, he shares the secrets of facilitation: eliminating dysfunction and maximizing efficiency to drive your business and its ecosystem forward.

Ep. 44 - Unexpected Entrepreneurs: How a Passion for Storytelling & Experimentation Built a Successful Podcast Business - with Cody Boyce, Hayden Lee, & Ben Gregson

Hear from the people behind the scenes of the Strategic Momentum Podcast -- the founder and first few employees of Crate Media, the podcast production company formerly known as Podcast Masters. In this episode, Founder Cody Boyce, Hayden Lee and Ben Gregson share their challenges, lessons learned in building a business, and the fuel that keeps them going. Because in the end, it’s a business built on their passions.

Ep. 43 - The Consulting Success Mindset: Building Relationships, Exchanging Value, and Narrowing Your Scope to Drive Business - with Michael Zipursky

Starting a consulting business is something many aspire to do but few do well. But today’s guest, Michael Zipursky, author, entrepreneur, and the CEO of ConsultingSuccess.com, is here to fix that. In this episode, he shares important tips and perspectives on what it takes to build momentum and reach your potential, in the field of consulting and beyond.

Ep. 42 - Driving Business Momentum Through Kindness & Altruism with John Newtson, Beth Freedman, John Keeling, Dan Yu, Dr. Phil Zimbardo, and Dr. Richard Shuster

I recently published an article on Thrive Global about altruism, kindness and business after hearing several of my guests mention kindness in their advice for breaking through business inertia. In this episode, I revisit  these interviews to explore the valuable points these guests have made - because being kind and helpful is simply good business sense.

Ep. 41 - Media Planning & Advertising: The Strategy to Finding Balance - with Imani Greene

Media strategy, planning, and ad buying is a science that even the most seasoned marketers struggle with. To break through, you have to understand the factors and tradeoffs to get to the desired outcome. Imani Greene, Founder of GreeneGroup discusses the delicate balance in achieving advertising efficiency and effectiveness.

Ep. 40 - The Art & Science of Digital Persuasion: Selling Smarter to Propel Your Business Forward - with Erin Gargan King

Erin Gargan King, the founder of Socialite Agency, and best-seling author of  Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace shares how to get noticed online, build real relationships, and positively influence the people on the other side of your screen.

Ep. 39 - Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Transforming Businesses, & Being Agile: Understanding the Power Formula to Propel Your Career Forward - with Ines Lebow

The experiences women have in the workplace today are vastly different from -- and more positive than -- how they were 50, 20, and even 10 years ago. However, there are still career challenges and misconceptions holding women back from fully living up to their growth potential.

Ep. 38 - The Millennial ‘Business’ Mindset (Pt. 2) - Driving Community Value by Delivering the Right Product for the Right People - with Mehtab Bhogal

In this second episode of the 2-part series, we dive into deep into what millennial entrepreneur Mehtab Bhogal and his business partners believe is important to take into account from a product development and marketing perspective when launching a new business.