Ep. 53 - Bridging the Gap between Generations to Drive Retention and Workforce Momentum - with Cara Silletto

Cara Silletto, Chief Retention Officer at Crescendo Strategies, Today, Cara shares insights into the mindset differences of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers and how to apply these important perspectives to effectively manage and retain your workforce -- because a sustainable and productive one can only be achieved when everyone has a common understanding of one another.

Ep. 52 - Driving Impact through HR: Aligning the People Strategy with the Business Strategy - with Bhavna Dave

Bhavna Dave, Chief People Officer at Frontpoint Security, discusses the evolution of Human Resources - and the importance of strategically connecting business dynamics and people dynamics to drive impact in your business.

Ep 46 - Navigating and Managing Your Business Ecosystem Pt. 2: Facilitating The Common Workplace Challenges To Drive Business Forward - with Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson, founder and managing director of Leadership Strategies – The #1 Facilitation Training Company, returns to explore specific use cases of his facilitation techniques, especially in the virtual, multi-generational work environment. He talks about how to facilitate collaboration when varying workplace considerations come into play – and why understanding group dynamics, using differences as strengths, and valuing others’ perspectives moves initiatives forward.

Ep 45: Navigating and Managing Your Business Ecosystem: Mastering Facilitation to Realize Effective Outcomes - with Michael Wilkinson

In today’s interconnected business ecosystem, collaboration and teamwork are critical to moving initiatives and activities forward. But so many people are frustrated by the number of meetings they have that don’t produce results. Michael Wilkinson is the founder and managing director of Leadership Strategies -- The #1 Facilitation Training Company in the US, and the accomplished author of several books on facilitation. In this episode, he shares the secrets of facilitation: eliminating dysfunction and maximizing efficiency to drive your business and its ecosystem forward.