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Ep. 30 - Taking Responsibility for Other People’s Ambitions & Successes: A Unique & Valuable Approach to Event Marketing - with John Newtson

John Newtson, Co-Founder of the Financial Marketing Summit has built a B2B business development ecosystem that takes a fundamentally different approach to event marketing. For him, it always been around focusing on others’ needs, helping to shake people out of their me-centered mindset and breaking through the business inertia by doing more together.

Ep. 25 - Investing in the Value Exchange in Business Development - with John Keeling

In business development, it’s all about the “value exchange” – so to help break through the inertia that may exist in organizations, you have to understand that BD involves so much more than sales. John Keeling, SVP of Business Development at The Motley Fool, joins us for this episode.