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Ep. 50 - Work Advice from Industry Experts: Tips and Insights to Build Career Momentum and Reach Your Full Growth Potential

The focus of the Strategic Momentum Podcast has always been helping listeners understand the strategies, approaches and perspectives needed to solve the common challenges plaguing businesses today. So for our 50th episode, we’ve decided to round up the best career advice our guests have given on this show so far.

Ep. 23 - Finding the Right Strategic Fit For Any Role (For Your Company or Yourself) - with Dan Yu

Dan Yu is the Founder of FastBook Advisors, a new kind of talent agency that focuses on strategic consultation in sales and marketing, organizational structure and design, talent acquisition, and human capital management. We discuss the biggest challenges faced by both hiring managers and job hunters in identifying the best talent and roles, and how both can more effectively navigate their way through this process with a strategy.