Ep. 48 - Building a Successful Podcast: Prioritizing Authenticity, Consistency & Relationships to Drive Engagement and Value - with Crate Media

The three founding members of Crate Media return to provide their take on the podcasting space -- from what it takes to create a successful podcast to the common challenges and misconceptions that cause many to get stuck.

Ep. 42 - Driving Business Momentum Through Kindness & Altruism with John Newtson, Beth Freedman, John Keeling, Dan Yu, Dr. Phil Zimbardo, and Dr. Richard Shuster

I recently published an article on Thrive Global about altruism, kindness and business after hearing several of my guests mention kindness in their advice for breaking through business inertia. In this episode, I revisit  these interviews to explore the valuable points these guests have made - because being kind and helpful is simply good business sense.

Ep. 35 - The Data-Gut Conflict: Bridging the Gap Between Gut-Driven & Data-Driven Decision Makers - with Steve Brown, Dr. Mary Lamia, Kyle Loudermilk, & Jen McDonald

A group of experts explores how to deal with different decision-making styles in order to alleviate potential conflicts and, ultimately, work better together with your bosses, your clients, and your colleagues.

Ep. 34 - Data-Driven vs. Gut-Driven Decision-Making: What’s Most Effective? - with Steve Brown, Dana Cavalea, Dr. Mary Lamia, Kyle Loudermilk, & Jen McDonald

Is one style of decision making – data-driven or gut-driven – more effective than the other? We talk to five experts in their field to find out.

Ep. 27 - Developing an Effective Strategy: Choices, Communication, & Iteration - with Kevin Garton

What does it take to develop a sound business strategy? Kevin Garton, Chief Operating Officer of Context Capital Partners walks us through what it takes and just as important, the misconceptions many people have around what a strategy actually is.

The idea of creating a strategy may sound simple, even obvious, but as you’ll learn in this episode, the choices you have to make almost never are.

Ep. 2 - Revampology (Part 2): Adapting and Aligning Process & Technology for Forward Momentum

In the last episode, we talked to Kareen Walsh, Founder of Revampologist, about the People component to this triad. Today, we’re diving into Process and Technology – specifically, how organizations need to understand and work through the ever-changing dynamics that impact these two components in order to ensure forward momentum.