Optimize your business by knowing
what’s working, and what’s not.

Flywheel helps build the right financial and
operational foundation to drive your business forward.


Financial and Operational Leadership

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Identifying where your business should focus its attention requires understanding what really moves the needle. 

We help clients establish a sound financial and operational roadmap to help optimize your organization and reach its business goals.

Strong planning and analysis ultimately enables you to tell the story of the business.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Creating a long-term financial strategy is predicated on delivering the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time. 

We take a hands-on approach, establishing an optimal planning process that combines best practices with the necessary forecast tools and methodologies. By creating feedback loops with stakeholders and providing actionable insights into business operations, we enable you to understand what moves the needle and why. 

All good financial, operational, and data-driven analysis is aimed at one objective…making the best decisions.

Decision Analysis

The goal of decision analysis is to provide an effective framework that provides guidance, information, insight, and structure to facilitate rational decision-making. 

Flywheel establishes an effective decision-making approach helping clients understand which variables truly drive their business and those that lead to distraction.  We don’t just analyze; we turn insights into actionable steps to improve your process moving forward.

Tracking performance against a strategy isn’t enough. You also need to know how to manage the strategy that’s been put in place.

Performance Measurement and Management

Turning strategy into action involves measuring company performance. It entails having a process to evaluate, respond, and align to these measures. Without a complete system, the ability to achieve employee alignment and engagement with business priorities - both strategic and operational - is limited at best. 

Flywheel establishes a robust performance measurement and management process to effectively guide your business.

  • Ensure customer requirements

  • Align activities to the strategic plan

  • Provide standards for establishing benchmark comparisons

  • Create “scoreboard” for stakeholders to monitor and manage key performance areas

  • Identify, prioritize and measure process improvements

  • Garner feedback for driving continuous learning