Strategies can’t be realized
without a tangible plan.

Flywheel combines a systematic approach with real-time decision analysis.


Strategic Planning

We help you create and define your company’s vision. More importantly, we outline what it takes to get you there, dynamically adapting and evolving the plan based on the rapidly changing marketplace.

A successful launch hinges upon a well-thought
out strategy.

“Go-to-Market” Strategy

Flywheel will help analyze all necessary launch considerations to effectively map key needs, opportunities, and risks, ensuring the highest chance of success.  

Our comprehensive go-to-market strategy addresses the what (offerings), the who (customers), and the how (channels). It outlines the processes and plans that will guide customer interactions from initial contact to fulfillment and beyond.

Undertaking a new business venture or expanding operations into a new country requires significant planning and analysis to ensure success.

Business Expansion and Development

Expanding your business has a major impact on the company both financially and operationally. Getting a full grasp of the risks and benefits before you move forward will determine how to best operationalize the expansion most efficiently and cost effectively. 

We offer a wide array of capabilities to understand the optimal path in expanding your footprint.

  • Economic Analysis and Modeling

  • International Expansion Roadmap and Critical Path Determination

  • Transfer Pricing and Cost Allocation Modeling and Analysis

  • Support Critical Touch Points – Finance, Sales and Operations, Treasury, Risk Management

A good business case analysis should strongly align with critical business priorities at all levels.

Business Case Analysis

We partner with you to evaluate the feasibility of an important investment or project. We do this by designing an approach around business operations, financial targets, and interdependencies.

  • Operational capabilities, alignment and resource optimization

  • Value and priority compared to alternative projects

  • Key inter-dependencies and trade-offs

  • Ongoing performance measurement

  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

  • Breakeven