We work with companies to ensure that the right marketing strategies and tactics are established based on defined business goals. We take an iterative approach to marketing much like product development where our philosophy is build fast, learn fast and optimize. We believe in the practice of continually measuring and refining your marketing efforts particularly as the marketplace continues to change and evolve.

Product Development

To stay ahead of your competition, you have to be constantly innovating while ensuring your existing products and services still fulfill against customer needs. But creating new products or even refining ones requires connecting the business rationale with the right customer experience. It means understanding what features and functionality hit the mark instead of having everything under the sun. It also entails integrating the voice of the customer and your business stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle. 


Strategic Planning

The importance in matching capabilities with vision, guiding critical resource allocations, and accentuating fundamental values has never been greater. The “top down” or static strategic plan has evolved into a dynamic process in which it has become necessary to continuously experiment, validate, and execute. Strategic planning is as much about analyzing the information or “finding the dots” as it is about synthesizing the learning or “connecting the dots.”   


Financial and Operational Analysis

Understanding your key business drivers and performing predictive analyses is key to assessing the viability of big ideas. Scenario planning and what-if analyses are the foundation for resource allocation, growth investments, and risk management. Without it, building effective strategies and translating them into outcomes will be difficult if not impossible.

Business Advisory Services

Operating your business efficiently, effectively and profitably can be a challenge in the absence of the right talent and skillsets.

Flywheel Associates can help you focus on improving business processes and systems to achieve predictable information and optimal efficiency.